Microsoft Launches xCloud in Brazil

After a long testing period, the xCloud platform, also known as Xbox Cloud Gaming, arrives in Brazil, in beta version. This is the first time that Microsoft has launched a beta version of xCloud Gaming platform. But what is so innovative about xCloud? Read on to find out more.


The Clouds Are the Limit

With Microsoft’s new service, gamers can now play games directly from their mobile phone, PC, or tablet. This means that the video game device will no longer be necessary. This way, users can choose a game the same way they choose a title on Netflix. No downloads or specific devices are required, and titles can be accessed from anywhere. 

For this, the player only needs to create an account on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and Microsoft takes care of the rest. Currently, this platform makes more than 100 games available. For those who had been following the process through online gaming magazines, the big time has finally arrived. However, what else is needed to take advantage of the platform?

Inside the Game

To access the Xbox streaming service, you’ll need to download the app from the Google Play Store, an Android mobile device, running version 6.0 Marshmellow or more current. You’ll also need an internet of 25 Mb/s or higher, plus an Xbox controller that has Bluetooth. 

During the testing phase, the service was even free. Now, the platform charges a monthly fee of R$44.90. xCloud is already available in 25 countries, besides Brazil. It is expected that this service will also be available for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One by the end of this year.


Streaming technology has changed the landscape of electronic entertainment for good. Media got smaller and smaller as time went on. From vinyl to cassette, from cassette to CD, from and CD to MP3. What did these media have in common? To enjoy them, the user had to have them inside some device, whether legitimate or pirated. 

With streaming, it is no longer even necessary to download digital media. Everything is hosted in the cloud and all the user needs is a device connected to the internet. It is through this technology that we can listen to entire discographies and marathon series, without even downloading a bit of data. It was only a matter of time for electronic games to follow the same trend.

Your Next Adventure

At the moment, the platform has more than a hundred games, including classics like Doom and Hades. Some games are already adapted to touchscreen control, dispensing with a specific joystick, However, most games need or work best with an Xbox joystick. By subscribing to xCloud, gamers also get access to EA Play and Xbox Live Gold services. 

Room for Improvement

Like every new thing, xCloud still needs improvements and updates. Some users complain about the long lines to get into a game. Still others complain about the lack of multiplayer games. What’s more, users can be disconnected for downtime, and a simple connection drop can ruin all game progress.



Despite the problems exposed above, xCloud’s trend is one of growth. The service hits on several positive points, such as freeing gamers from hyper expensive computers and video games. According to Microsoft, this service also solves the issue of latency time, which is always a nightmare for gamers. In some tests, the latency time scored around zero milliseconds. 

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